Ceiling displays and urban jungles with their elegant looks, are the talk of the town. With trends and fashion changing so frequently how do you stay current without breaking the bank?

Well, leave that to us.

At Blushing Rose, we like to keep up with what is new and how to give our clients what they love, in the price range that loves them back. That’s why we feel Ceiling displays and urban jungles needs some mentioning and consideration, when it comes to planning the floral arrangements and centre pieces for any event.

These kind of displays use much less flowers and creates a very impressive display. It can be used as a focal point at your event or just as a complimentary display to the rest of your décor.

Foraging or sourcing for ceiling installations is a very creative process where careful planning is needed to create the intended feeling. It can be done in a more dramatic way or more subtle depending on what the client has in mind. This kind of display works wonderfully above tables and can be done in sections or as one long continuous arrangement.

A very nice décor display is playing around with an urban jungle effect. Here you also have the option of making it more dramatic or a smaller eye catching display. This is especially a fan favourite when it comes to weddings and the main table, or a photo booth.

The options are really endless and is only limited by your imagination… and of course your budget. Are you as excited as we are about this ground breaking innovative style?